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Preorder Mud Digger 5 Featuring JJ Lawhorn on "Country Folks (Remix)" TODAY!

on 28 April 2014.

Check out the track listing, featuring JJ Lawhorn on "Country Folks (Remix)" and preorder Mud Digger 5 today! 

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Track Listing:

1. Truck Step - Colt Ford
2. Dip-N-Brews - Cap Bailey 
3. All Wired Up - Twang and Round
4. Country Folks (Remix) - Bubba Sparxxx feat. Colt Ford, JJ Lawhorn & I4NI
5. Goin Deep - The Lacs feat. Luke Martin
6. Shotgun - Sarah Ross
7. Big Foot - Danny Boone feat. Lenny Cooper
8. Wheels Fall Off - Demun Jones
9. Too Easy - Moonshine Bandits feat. Daniel Lee
10. Hillbillies With Guitars - LoCash Cowboys
11. Country Boes - Redneck Souljers feat. J Rosevelt 
12. Standard American - Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys
13. Smoke Stack (Remix) - The Lacs feat. Cap Bailey


Preorder Mud Digger 5 on iTunes today! 



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Don't forget to pick up your copy of Mud Digger 5 at Walmart on May 19! 

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JJ Lawhorn Releases Video for "Good Ol' Boys Like Us"

on 07 April 2014.

Watch the new heartfelt video for JJ Lawhorn's hit single "Good Ol' Boys Like Us" right here:


Get the hit single on iTunes and Google Play today! 



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Get the "Good Ol' Boys Like Us" single on iTunes today and catch the trailer for the upcoming music video!

on 19 February 2014.

"'Good Ol' Boys Like Us' is a true story inspired by the passing of a friend that devastated my hometown community a few years back. While it has always been special to me, the tune took on a new meaning after my best friend and former drummer died in a tragic motorcycle accident two months ago. There isn't another song that I've ever written that is closer to my heart. It's message is one of hope; a reminder that we are never alone even after our loved ones are gone."

- JJ Lawhorn 
Check out the trailer debut right here:
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Get the single on iTunes today! 
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